Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's all in the cards...

Al and I have been trying to do some tarot work recently. We both have the same material to work from, and we both have decks we want to work with, and both of us have a way to go when it comes to understanding the tarot. It's been going pretty well! I'm using the Palladini deck, which has vibrant colors and intense imagery. The High Priestess is my favorite card -- she's so beautiful I want to just fall into the card and worship her. The Charioteer is a strong, virile male dressed in Egyptian garb. Now, the Egyptian thing really doesn't do it for me in spite of my Golden Dawn-ish background, but I *do* have a fascination with desert regions, and that's the sensation that the card plays to. His headdress is a hawk, with colorful feathers extending down past his ears, his strong arms hold the reigns, he looks somewhat rueful or sad. He's wonderful.

So all this fascination with the tarot came about one evening while Al and I were sitting around shooting the breeze. I can't remember how it came up, but we started assigning tarot cards to our friends. "Oh, they would be The Lovers," or "she would be The Star" or "he would be Temperance." We decided that I am (at this time) The Tower, and Al is probably Strength, though he wants to be The Hermit. ;-) We decided that Stephen would be The Chariot.

I decided I wouldn't mind making a site about tarot reading. That would be good internet education and I do believe there is a market for it. If I started researching it now and meeting tarot readers and people who have had their tarot carots read, I could do an unbias representation of this scene.

Burn, baby, burn

I got an invite today to a gathering in April, which looks like it's going to be an enormous bonfire on a beach in Seattle. It sounds really cool, and I think I'd like to go. There are a lot of things I could burn, a lot of things I want to burn. Wouldn't mind burning down my ex boyfriend's lab. He would make placebo soma tablets and distribute them online that lying bastard!! Maybe I'll take the old dresser sitting in my room (the one I accidentally brutally ripped apart while trying to fix it), and draw a representation of all the things I'd like to be rid of this year, and then throw it in the fire.

"Hey, there goes my insecurity!"

"There goes my excess weight!"

"There goes my anxiety and stress!"

"There go the obstacles in my path to wholeness!"

"There goes that goddamned dresser that caused me so much grief!"